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Saturday 7 December 2019
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Licensing to occupy Milshirv complex “early November”

A view of the Milshirv complex on Shirvan Road taken in June 2016.
A view of the Milshirv complex on Shirvan Road taken in June 2016.

Infrastructure Secretary Kwesi DesVignes said on Monday that Milshirv will be ready for occupation “early November,” with the Licensing Department expected to be relocated to the Shirvan Road complex from its current Shaw Park address.

In a telephone interview with Newsday Tobago, Des Vignes said the Division has been putting a lot of pressure on project managers, Eco Industrial Development Company of Tobago (EIDCOT), who in turn have been pressuring the service providers to ensure that timelines are met.

“There were some concerns expressed and we expect that they will be addressed. Licensing (Department) will be servicing the public and we want to ensure that the public is comfortable in using the facility. We have been given all assurances that our timelines will be met so we are still looking for the occupation of the Milshirv building by Licensing by early November and I really look forward to that because for too long Tobagonians have been going through the experience or the unfortunate experience of only being limited to doing business at Licensing before midday,” he said.

In August, DesVignes said the the administrative services of the Licensing Department will be moved to the Milshirv Complex on Shirvan Road.

THE $143 million administrative complex which boasts 83,000 square feet of floor space was constructed using a build own, lease, transfer arrangement (BOLT). The Tobago House of Assembly, under Orville London administration, bought the three-acre parcel of land, then leased the property to Milshirv Ltd at a rate of $10 annually for 199 years. Under the lease, the special purpose company Milshirv, was to build the administrative complex at an estimated cost of $143 million and then lease/rent it to the THA at a monthly rate of $1.2 million for 20 years. At the end of the 20 years, or at three-year intervals during the period, the THA could purchase and take ownership of the complex.

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