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Friday 13 December 2019
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Govt seeks BOLT arrangement for Crown Point terminal

Government is looking to build a new terminal building through a build, own, lease and transfer (BOLT) arrangement at the ANR Robinson International airport, given current economic constraints.

So announced Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Sunday at the annual convention of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council held at the Works Conference Room in Shaw Park.

Said Rowley:

“We know that for Tobago to develop in the way it should develop to its full potential, what now exist as a terminal building at the airport is unsatisfactory. So we have finally decided to build a new terminal building, but not a new airport… we have come to this conclusion now when funds are in short supply…

He said a meeting was to take place on Monday for discussions on the terminal building, but did now say who would be involved in this meeting.

Rowley added:

“As soon as the technical side of this Tobago terminal building is settled, I think we have settled on the location, we have settled on the scale and scope and so on, we will look very seriously at availing that facility through a BOLT (build, own, lease and transfer) arrangement where some entity with the money will take the opportunity through a competitive process to win the BOLT requirement and to build, own, lease and transfer.

“That means you could get it built without it being added to the Government’s debt at the moment and we will not be affected by lack of funds because we need to get that (terminal) built and be operational in the not too distant future.”

Rowley did not address the issue of the inter-island ferries, and left the convention immediately after speaking to ctahc a floght back to Trinidad, ignoring attempts by reporters to question him on the status of the sea bridge. Tourism Minister Shamfa

Cudjoe, who was also at the evet, also declined to speak to reporters on the status of the sea bridge on the basis that she too, had to catch a flight back to Trinidad.

Hundreds of passengers on the T&T Express were left stranded over the weekend and into Monday, in both Port of Spain and Scarborough due to cancellations of sailings to facilitate maintenance work. Weekend sailings of the cargo ferry, the Cabo Star, were also cancelled, to also facilitate maintenance.

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