I agree with the PM, it’s just not fair

THE EDITOR: I am most pleased that our Prime Minister has declared that he cannot pour taxpayers’ money into the coffers of the calypso tents and panyards until their accounting becomes transparent. He said it is “not fair” and I agree.

I wonder how long it will take our State enterprises to do the same as we learn from the JSC and PAC hearings?

I wonder about the 150 per cent tax breaks that corporate sponsors earn annually from their steelband sponsorships.

I wonder about exorbitant traffic fines on taxpayers against the petty penalties meted out to rapists, extortionists, child abusers and others.

I wonder why the American Chamber of Commerce of TT wants us to reduce subsidies on our public utilities rather than examine the overpricing the goods we import while setting their values on our exports to them.

I wonder why our dollar cannot appreciate to the Barbados dollar value, when we have oil and gas.

I wonder about the gross mismanagement of our health system that prompts our “good citizen” PMs to fly to Cuba and San Diego, while its administrators earn taxpayers’ money but are never held accountable.

I wonder if we can mandate the Lok-Jack and other managerial and financial institutions to examine how public funds are tabulated and disbursed and have them rated by their accuracy levels.

I wonder why there are no understudies or internship paradigms for students of politics.

I wonder how much taxpayers’ funds is annually allocated for alcohol.

I wonder about an education system which does not adequately assess the performance of its teachers.

I wonder about the maxim “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

I guess it’s just not fair.



"I agree with the PM, it’s just not fair"

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