Saying, doing right thing

THE EDITOR: Is it right to say the Prime Minister missed an opportunity to score political points by not jumping into waist-deep flood waters immediately they arose and did not recede for four days?

Would it appear to be more caring of him if he missed being present for crucial finance meetings dealing with the vastly important budget 2018?

What about not attending the Caricom meeting in Mexico because the Opposition believes he should stay in TT and spread empathy with the suffering citizens?

What is the efficacy to the suffering of those who lost everything? Would they feel better, any richer, any more politically loyal if they could all say “he stayed away from running the country because of me?”

We live in an age where image is everything. If he jumped into the flood waters rather than doing what he was elected to do, who wins? Who loses? Who looks very foolish out there in the First World?

The citizens rose magnificently to the occasion and helped each other out until the food waters began to recede. Did they truly need the PM to be present at all times during each minute of their suffering?

Sometimes it is politically and democratically correct to ask for public answers from both sides of the political divide.

One-sided responses are particularly boring and send undemocratic images to the reading public.



"Saying, doing right thing"

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