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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Arelle Williams dreams big

Announcer/deejay Arelle Williams poses with his award for Excellence in Media at the October 12 Tobago Youth Awards 2017 ceremony held at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Lowlands.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people. This is the advice that guides announcer and entrepreneur Arelle Williams, recipient of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Youth Award for Media held on October 12 at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort at Lowlands.

Describing himself as a humble man with a vision, he said the award was “a proud moment” for him.

“Winning the 2017 THA Youth Award for Excellence in the Media category was a humbling yet proud moment in my career. Being acknowledged as one of the best in my field feels great, and it’s something I think I would keep me motivated to keep pushing onwards,” he said.

Williams is a graduate of the Institute of Broadcasting Careers and began his career at age of 16 at Street 91.9 FM as a radio announcer. In 2015, he moved on to another phase in his career as he joined the Radio Tambrin family.

“In my job, I make my voice heard and presence felt working alongside some of Tobago’s best deejays. I am a high-energy broadcaster and an effective communicator with a talent for delivering attention-grabbing high-quality entertainment,” he said, noting that he has appeared at several signature events across Trinidad and Tobago as a deejay.

Williams credits his mother, Sharon Williams, with being the biggest positive influence in his life, and also gives credit to persons in his industry for motivating him.

“I get most of my motivation from the seasoned persons in the industry, both right here in TT and internationally. Seeing how hard they work and all the accomplishments that come with that hard work, drives me to go harder at what I do and keeps me dedicated knowing that one day I can reach as far as they’ve reached and even further,” he said.

But was becoming an announcer always Williams’ passion?

“To be honest, no. I always had a love for music and entertaining people, from playing musical instruments like the African drums the Congo drums and the steel pan to singing in my secondary school’s choir. But in I would have never thought in my earlier days that this was the field I would fall in love with. However, if given the opportunity I won’t do anything differently, I think my good and bad decisions taught me valuable lessons,” he said.

At age 24, he is grateful for all the positives in his life thus far.

“Overall I’m proud of all my accomplishments no matter how small. I really see a lot of stuff as accomplishments. I can’t single any out,” he said.

Now, Williams is all about taking his talent and expertise to the next level as he recently registered his own business, Arelle Entertainment, which he said provides general entertainment services ranging from hosting shows, parties and events.

“My main dream or my goal is to be successful. Just the thought of being a successful individual inspires me,” Williams said.

Asked about the best piece of advice he has ever received, Williams said: “A mentor of mine once told me never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.”


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