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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Imij signs on Stuart Silva

Stuart Silva joins the frontline of Imij & Co.

IMIJ & Co music band has signed Stuart Silva as one of its new front line singers, having lost Asten Isaac, who has now gone solo.

For bandleader Joey Ng Wai, Silva is a definite fit, one that he says not only allows for his stage presence, but as well, his production knowledge and writing skills to the band.

Band management believes Silva’s years of experience shows, the know-how and delivery of his performance far exceeds his age.

Silva spent much of his life in and around music. His dad, Wayne Silva, an accomplished DJ at the time, played for the then Poison mas band and this proved to be Silva’s inspiration, said a media release.

Silva’s first hit, a reggae piece titled Look Into Your Eyes, received acclaim on the 96.1FM Heineken hit list, but he did not stop there. He went on to do a soca recording Bruk Loose, produced by Premier Studios, and in 2016 his soca offering Up Under Yuh received much airplay on the local radio stations.

Silva has performed with several bands doing all genres of music, from rock to chutney to soca. He was also a member of Destra Garcia’s Bakanal.

“From the first time I walked into Imij’s band room I felt a sense of comfort, and good energy. I am excited to see where this new experience will take me with such an amazing band,” said Silva. He joins Malaika Ballantyne, Rochelle Chadz and Chalmer John in the band’s front line.


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