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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Watchman back in town for CoP post

Wayne “Watchman” Hayde
Wayne “Watchman” Hayde

Former police corporal Wayne Hayde, who has been working overseas for the past two decades, has applied for the post of Police Commissioner.

Hayde, who also enjoyed a colourful stint as a calypsonian, under the sobriquet Watchman during his years in TT, visited the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, yesterday, to deal with “mundane” matters relating to his application for the post.

He is confident about his chances of becoming the next police commissioner. “If you are going to apply for a job of this nature, you have to be confident. If you are not a confident person, you should not be in the process,” Hayde told reporters outside the building after the three-hour visit.

Hayde, a former president of the Police Social and Welfare Association (PSWA), is expected to be interviewed by the Police Service Commission (PSC) later this week.

Newsday understands approximately 15 people have been interviewed for the posts of Commissioner and Deputy Police Commissioner.

Hayde, who has been working with the United Nations in Africa and other territories, said he has been observing with keen interest developments in the country over the years and felt the time was right to return home and make a contribution. “All I can say about myself and my motivation is that I am what I have always been — hardworking, reliable, and honest. And if I am going to get a job, I am going to do it 100 per cent all the time. I will do any job they give me to do in a fair manner, but I will do it fearlessly. Asked if specific developments had encouraged him to return to TT and apply for job of Police Commissioner, Hayde said, “All I can say is that my own motivations are that I want to contribute.”

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