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Monday 24 September 2018
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UNC seeks flood relief volunteers

The United National Congress (UNC) National Executive on Friday took the decision to create a UNC Relief Team to assist the hundreds of citizens who has been affected by recent severe flooding.

According to a release on Saturday, the party is deeply coqncerned by the humanitarian crisis currently gripping the country because of the flooding over the past three days. It noted that, across Trinidad, citizens were made “functionally homeless” with limited access food, clean drinking water and medication.

“In the face of this disaster and the refusal of the Keith Rowley Government to act, we have witnessed the courage, generosity and resilience of the people of this country. We have received countless phone calls and messages from persons willing to send relief items and to volunteer their time and equipment. We have been asking that persons take relief items to the Regional Corporations and contact their Councillors to facilitate distribution.”

The aim of the Relief Team is to connect those willing to donate relief items to distribution points and coordinate clean up activities.

Those wishing to donate or volunteer were asked to contact the following: Khadijah Ameen – 788-3129; Bheemul Ramlogan – 786-6366; Arnold Ram – 684-0898; Rasheed Karim – 308-5318; Chris Hosein – 753-6882; Ravi Ratiram – 490-9395; Dr Rai Ragbir – 707-3342 and Anita Haynes – 482-8472.


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