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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Ramadharsingh: Govt using wrong approach

Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Glenn Ramadharsingh strains under the weight of a box of relief supplies in Woodland on the weekend.


Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Dr Glen Ramadharsingh says Government is using the wrong approach when it comes to interacting with victims of natural disasters such as those affected by the current flooding crisis.

Yesterday as most of Woodland, which falls within this corporation, remained under water and people remains marooned, Ramadharsingh was out and about coordinating relief efforts.

“I am of the considered view they are using the wrong approach when it comes to social support and relief during a disaster. What I saw coming out the press conference with the ministers and the representatives of social development is that they were waiting on the ODPM, to give them the all clear to come in,” Ramadharsingh said.

He added that if the private sector including private individuals, churches, temples and mosques did not partner with the corporation and rather, waited on government agencies to respond, many hundreds of marooned people would have starved. These people, he said, should get temporary food cards.

“They are in desperate need of food items, toiletries and other supplies right now,” Ramdharsingh said, pointing out that many families in Woodland have seen their homes invaded by flood waters which are as high as five feet in some areas.

Saying he is happy Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley visited parts of East Trinidad yesterday, he extended an invitation to Rowley to also visit Woodland, Barrackpore, Debe, Penal and Siparia where the flooding has been most destructive.


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