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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Police, Customs seize 13 trousers from Rattan’s

A large contingent of police and Customs and Excise officers stormed the Henry Street branch of Rattans, a popular clothing franchise, in search of illegal camouflage items. At the end of the exercise, police seized 13 trousers which were considered to be camouflage.

Managers, employees and customers at the store told Newsday they were traumatised by the brazen manner in which police officers stormed in.

“They did not show a warrant, they did not explain themselves or anything,” said manager Alicia Solomon.

“They just came in and started searching.” Newsday was told the incident occurred at about 3.30 pm.

The store’s management was told they had to move several articles of clothing including shoes and other items displayed on the pavement at the front of the store or they would be arrested.

“They gave us a flier which said selling and being in possession of camouflage clothing is illegal,” Solomon said.

“But we don’t carry that in the store. We never did. This raid still has me and my staff shaken up. I am frightened and traumatised because of this.”

Solomon said it was not the first time police stormed the store.

Last week, immigration officers and police raided the store in search of illegal immigrants. Three people were detained in that exercise.


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