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Friday 20 July 2018
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Harry receives suspension via e-mail

PNM stalwart Harry Ragoonanan, who was suspended by the PNM general council last Saturday, finally received his suspension notice via e-mail on Tuesday. However, Ragoonanan said only saw it on Thursday.

Ragoonanan said yesterday, he was busy with making arrangements to travel out of the country for medical reasons and did not have time to check his email on Tuesday.

On Thursday, when did check his e-mail, he saw the suspension letter signed by Daniel Dookie General Secretary of the PNM General Council.

He said the suspension letter listed three alleged offences which it claimed he allegedly committed.

Ragoonanan said the suspension notice was sent to his attorneys who are now in the process of responding.

According to Ragoonanan, the notice stated he will be contacted by the investigative arm of the general council, as well as the disciplinary committee, to be informed of a hearing for him to respond to allegations levelled against him.

Ragoonanan said yesterday that he will be out of the country for a short while for medical reasons and is not the least bothered by the allegations.

He said his lawyers are taking care of the matter and he is eagerly awaiting his opportunity to respond.

Last Saturday, Ragoonanan was suspended by the PNM general council after it was alleged he committed several offences with respect to trying to negotiate with a Chinese businessman to procure a contract for Higer buses to be added to the fleet of buses at PTSC.

Higer never received the contract.

Checks by Newsday yesterday revealed there is no police investigation into the allegations made against Ragoonanan.


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