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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Driving danger


THE EDITOR: I would like to share an increasingly dangerous scenario that I have observed in Woodbrook. And yes, I live there so it is my concern.

Too many motorists driving on the minor roads that intersect with Ariapita Avenue approach the intersections as if it is a roundabout.

Meaning they do not “Stop at major road ahead” as the signs indicate and is the law. Instead they approach without stopping and swing onto the avenue with approaching vehicles that have the right-of-way.

Now when it is congested with traffic, as so often is the case, you do have to push your “nose” out asking — nowadays almost begging — for someone to allow you to get onto the avenue, but when traffic is flowing you have to stop before the white line on the road.

Maybe some motorists have literally bought their driving permits so they were never privy to the Highway Code, or some don’t know how to read, but law is law and something has to be done before this dangerous practice gets any worse.

Where are the dozens of traffic wardens when you need them? When are we going to implement the camera system for people breaking traffic lights and major roads? And how are the police going to track down delinquent motorists who have changed their addresses or have no legitimate permits or insurance?

W DOPSON, Woodbrook


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