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Friday 20 July 2018
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Tree falls on home during Divali rains

The tree which has fallen on Sookoo’s family home at Cunupia. Ronald Sookoo hopes a retaining wall can be constructed to stop the erosion of the river bank.

Ronald Sookoo and Mala Joseph both felt the brunt of yesterday’s heavy rain fall. They are, however, not unlike many throughout TT who were affected by severe flooding, landslides and fallen trees.

Sookoo is grateful that no member of his family was injured as a result of a fallen tree. Speaking with Newsday, Sookoo said the tree fell to the back of his in-law’s property at Pina Circular, Dyettte Estate, Cunupia at about 8.45pm on Wednesday.

Sookoo’s eight-member family was lighting deyas and entertaining guests when the tree fell. It damaged a shed, Sookoo’s bedroom which he shares with his wife, Zimala and one-year-old son, Zuresh as well as the roof of the family’s home.

Sookoo said a branch from the tree had fallen on October 12 and damaged the property’s fence. Authorities such as the corporation were contacted. Although the fallen branch was removed, Sookoo was informed that there was no equipment to remove the tree.

Despite the tree being on Government’s property, he attempted to have private contractors remove it. The riverbank’s erosion coupled with last Wednesday’s heavy rainfall brought the tree down on the family’s property yesterday.

Despite making calls to the relevant authorities, as soon as the tree fell on Wednesday night, Sookoo had to wait until yesterday morning before help came. The tree has since been moved off of the house but is still on the family’s property. Sookoo and his family,however, now have to sleep to the front of the house.


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