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Friday 20 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Cops to rescue

THE EDITOR: As co-ordinator of a parent support group with the Autistic Society, I say thanks for one of the good reports that we got on Friday.

One of the parents, Karen, told us she was greatly helped by some police officers who saw her struggling with her adult son Josh who was having an uncontrollable meltdown in public (not unusual for people on the autism spectrum).

Karen was taking Josh to the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex, but when he got out off the bus in Curepe he took off with lightning speed. She was left helpless. Thankfully, some police officers noticed her plight. Not only did they help in controlling Josh’s anxiety, but they provided transportation for him and his mother to the doctor. Thanks to the Police Service for its dedicated officers who continue to protect and serve.



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Letters to the Editor