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Monday 23 July 2018
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Corporal punishment is illegal

National Parent Teacher Association president, Zena Ramatali, said after viewing footage of a school fight, where a man, identified as a safety officer, intervened at San Juan North Secondary yesterday, there is need for the incident to be thoroughly investigated.

In a telephone interview, Ramatali said it was very unfortunate and disappointing that a teacher (safety officer) will resort to corporal punishment which is against the law.

“...he needed to exercise more self control and a greater degree of care. This shows that our professionals need more intense training to cope with the school environment.”

Ramatali said there is a need for parental and student involvement so students would be better disciplined both at home and at school.

In the video, two students were seen being hit by a man clad in a red t-shirt and black pants. The man is seen slapping two male students and demading that they stop fighting. The safety officer was heard saying, “What does wrong with all yuh? What does wrong with all yuh? I don’t want no...I don’t want no fighting in my school boy. I don’t want no fight in my school boy.”

On social media, several people expressed their thoughts on the video.

One person said, “While many of us may applaud his actions and support him, sadly, he will face not only disciplinary (action) or worse lose his job but, he can also face criminal charges for striking them as they are protected by the law. Pity.” Another commentator, however, lauded the man saying, “We need more like him hats off to you sir.”

When contacted Minister of Education Anthony Garcia said, “I am in Parliament and will have to get back to you at a later time.”


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