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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Residents: No water in Pine Settlement

Residents of Pine Settlement, Sangre Grande, are demanding an urgent meeting with Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte in an effort to find out why their water supply was suddenly disrupted over a month ago with no relief in sight.

Residents told Newsday they were used to getting a regular supply of water but a month ago they awoke to find their taps dry. When they contacted WASA they were told repair work was being carried out in the area and they should apply for truck-borne water.

Some residents did so but, in many instances, the truck-borne water did not arrive until several days later. Some begged fire officers to fill their tanks but are now becoming frustrated. Several of the residents, including some who are disabled, have been finding it difficult to cope with dry taps and dry tanks.

The residents said they did not intend to resort to collecting water from rivers and ponds because they feel they should be treated equally to other citizens and are hoping that Le Hunte will meet with them to have the matter rectified. Yesterday, Le Hunte said he was unaware Pine Settlement had been without pipe-borne water but said it would be investigated and relief would be given to affected residents.

A ministry official later contacted Newsday and said the Land Settlement Agency was doing work in the area and the matter was being thoroughly investigated but, in the meantime, WASA would provide truck-borne water.


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