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Saturday 18 August 2018
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TTCB/Evolution Gym signs agreement

CEO of the TT Cricket Board Suruj Ragoonath, right, and general manager of the Evolution Fitness Gym Rhondell Brown at the Chaguanas gym, today.


The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) and the Evolution Fitness Gym have signed a one-year partnership which will allow the national cricketers access to the Chaguanas gym.

The TT Red Force men and women will have membership cards which give them access to the gym 24 hours per day. The partnership began on September 15, 2017. Members of the TT Red Force men’s team are already making full use of the facility, as more than 20 players were at the gym yesterday.

CEO of the TTCB, Suruj Ragoonath, said the agreement ensures cricketers get access to the best facilities to enhance their talent. “This came about as a result of trying to create the kind of professional environment for our players and give them the best opportunities to succeed at international level,” Ragoonath said. “We know that one of the areas that there is always room for improvement is fitness. This arrangement with Evolution Fitness will allow our players to have access to year-round training, so this is very important for us.”

Ragoonath says the partnership will help TT’s aim to become the best team in the region. “Fitness we know is a very important component of sport, especially professional sport. For us, Red Force is a brand in itself and we want our players to become the best in the region.”

Ragoonath said the gym management and the TTCB will have constant communication to ensure the athletes are progressing. Ragoonath said, “Every individual would have specific training programmes depending on his or her need. When they come to the gym, the communication between the gym management and the Red Force management is such that we would be able to pass on information (to each other), so we know exactly who is doing what and (we will) ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.”

Rhondell Brown, general manager of Evolution Fitness Gym, said extremely fit athletes have an advantage over their peers. “It is extremely important (to be fit), and being the athletes for Red Force, I think it will impact them tremendously. Adding fitness to their game will tremendously increase their standard of play. We are a 24-hour facility and they could use the gym at their discretion.”


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