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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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TT need transportation policy

President of the Route Two Maxi Association Linus Phillip said the association has been advocating for a transportation policy in the country for years.

He said although the association has not come to an agreement with its members to increase their maxi taxi fares, Phillip said he does not believe a policy will be established.

“We have not made a decision as yet. This process is not a fast track issue, there is process we have to go through. We have different drivers we need to consult with from La Horquetta, Maloney, Sangre Grande, and the Eastern Main Road so we try to get the information from all the different drivers from the areas.

"We have to look at all the proposals because sometimes there are a lot of differences and we have to call in the drivers who work the route to reach a common ground because we do not want any argument when we make the decision. We are not going to get a Transportation Policy simply because of what is happening in the country.

“A minister can come up every Monday morning and change the policy. It is not good for investment and investors. We invest more than $600,000 in a maxi and you cannot get up in the morning and make a decision that is going to render our income dormant or put a dent in the income. How are we going to pay for those vehicles, pay insurance for it and take care of our families?”

He said the government is going to send people out of business and when they send people out of business they are going to mash-up the transportation industry.

“By mashing up the industry, you are going to mash-up the maxi taxi transportation system. I don’t know if that is his intention, maybe he has an alternative plan. Maybe.” Phillip said the association has to look at different avenues before they can increase their fares and will keep in mind the impact it would have on the travelling public.


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