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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Brother sues sister

A man has filed a lawsuit against his sister whom he accused of demolishing his house in Rio Claro. Ramjit Ramlochan, 55, filed the action in the San Fernando High Court on August 14.

He contends that his parents shared eight to nine lots of land among their children with his sister Hardai being given two lots of land at 94-96 Old Railway Road in Rio Claro. Ramlochan stated in his lawsuit that he was given one lot of land at 108 Old Railway Road.

In the lawsuit filed by attorney Jeevan Andrew Rampersad, Ramlochan claims that in May, his sister Hardai, 45, started to build a house on a small portion of the land on which he had built his house. Ramlochan stated he made a report to the Rio Claro Police Station that his sister had trespassed.

Ramlochan alleged that his sister brought workmen to the land and removed construction materials he had placed there for construction of his house. Again, he stated, he reported the matter to the police.

Attorney Rampersad attempted to mediate in the matter by writing Hardai’s attorney in which he sought a meeting in order to resolve the issue between the siblings. Rampersad received a letter on July 3, in which Hardai made a claim for his brother’s lots. In fact, the lawsuit contends, Hardai claims her brother’s occupation of Lot 108, is in fact a parcel of land that was subsumed in her Lot 94-96.

Ramlochan is seeking damages against Hardai, for trespass, destruction of his house and an injunction restraining her from further entering the land.

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