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Monday 24 September 2018
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Vanishing Pointe pays tribute to late icons

A dancer goes through her steps during 
A dancer goes through her steps during rehearsals.

Noble Douglas Dance Company (NDDC) will presents its Vanishing Pointe which is dedicated to those in the arts who have departed at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s this weekend.

The production is dedicated to Todd Hill, Derek Walcott and many others who have contributed to and supported the arts and the NDDC, said a media release.

In Vanishing Pointe some of the nation’s most talented choreographers have come together to honour the memory of those who have moved on. TT’s internationally-acclaimed dancer-choreographer Jeffery Carter’s piece entitled It Matters is a tribute to the late Todd Hill, former stage manager at Queen’s Hall.

Kevin Jack promises to dazzle the audience with Time forgets and 3 Women; while Dave Williams paints a gloomy picture of the future of the arts in a series of unfunded incidents.

Vanishing Pointe is dedicated to those in the arts who have departed.

After rave reviews of its last production, Heather Henderson Gordon returns to the spotlight with her emotional delivery of Woman.

The feature piece of the production is choreographed by Delton Frank, a Tobago-born dancer, choreographer, who quite deliberately has put together Bago - A Boy and Girl ordeal. The piece starts out with beautiful Caribbean women gathering by the river to wash clothes.

“As I developed this particular section, I slipped into nostalgia and went back to my experiences as a child by the river in Speyside where my mother and her sisters, friends and just about everyone, would go to wash their clothes.

“The boys always came by to check out the females because that’s the only time they would get to have an encounter.

“Parents were very strict in those days and the girls weren’t allowed to have boyfriends or any kind of interaction with the boys, otherwise the punishment would have been severe. Parents didn’t make joke in ‘dem days’.

Rehearsal for Vanishing Pointe with choreographer Delton Frank.

Frank said in the release..

Bago features many traditional dances indigenous to Tobago.

The jig, heel and toe, reel and Congo Bele are just a few dances among the set. The audience will be thrilled by the brush back dance which is a popular procession dance used during the wedding ceremony at the Moriah old-time wedding at the annual Tobago Heritage festival.

Vanishing Pointe promises to be a vibrant celebration of the contributions many have made to the arts.s.

Showtimes are October 14 at 7.30 pm and October 15 at 5.30 pm.

Tickets available at Crosby’s Music Centre, St James, members of NDDC and Queen’s Hall Box Office.

For more info, visit their Facebook page.


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