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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for your roles in my award

THE EDITOR: The following people and organisations were pivotal for me receiving the Hummingbird Silver Medal for loyal and dedicated service to TT at the 2017 national awards ceremony.

I say thank you to:

1) Almighty God for giving me life and strength.

2) My mother, Caroline, a single parent, and after her death my elder sister Inez Browne Wilson, who took over the responsibility of keeping the family together.

3) Mother Pius, former principal of Providence Girls Intermediate, the school I attended, as well as Sister Mary Aloysuis Ashby, who not only taught me at school but was also one of my lecturers at the Catholic Teachers College.

4) The Girl Guides and captain Jessica Smith-Phillips, who supported my every endeavour.

5) Lystra Lewis, who positively impacted my life, instilling in me many of the personality traits which I have been able to pass on to all the students and netballers I was fortunate to teach and coach.

Of course, I must make mention of the members of TT’s team to the first world netball tournament in 1963.

Our outstanding performances made the world aware of the unique calypso style of play that has been the hallmark of TT netball and the root of our many successes.

Some of those women are still with us and I say a personal thank you to them for their cherished lifelong friendship: Phyllis Pierre-Walker, Judy Francis, Barbara Chandler, Marjorie John, Daphne Roberts, Regina Douglas and Cynthia Craigwell.

6) The Children’s Ministry of the Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church in Success Village, Laventille, and especially Fr Dwight Merrick.

7) The members of CHIPS Netball Club, Coreen David, Cassie Ann James and all those who came together to submit the nomination documents.

8) The “home” posse including Anne Marie Lewis, Patrick and Lemoy Lamming, Karen Brathwaite and Hyron Browne Baptiste and everyone else who assisted in ensuring that I had a memorable day on September 24.

Thank you all.

ENID BROWNE, via e-mail


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