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Monday 24 September 2018
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Happy times at Denim and Diamonds

Wendy Achin, left and Petal Beerens.
Wendy Achin, left and Petal Beerens.

The second annual charity fund-raiser Denim and Diamonds was held at the Siam Nightlife and Old Havana Cigar located at Queen’s Park East, Port-of-Spain recently.

Antoinette Maund, left, Lisa Ghany, Sheetal Daswani and Sofiyah Ghany.

Darryl White and Karen Lee Lum.

The event, a collaborative effort between the charity Women In Action for the Needy and Destitute (Wand) and Siam’s Luxx Committee, attracted scores of patrons who enjoyed a great atmosphere and music.

Arief Rafeeq, co-founder Luxx Committee, left,
Dr Rehana Khan, Colin Mitchell, managing director, Signwave and wife Lisa.

Over the years, WAND has been able to mobilise funds for multi-million-dollar projects for charities that include convalescent homes for elderly, vocational training facilities for young women and women in crisis centres for rehabilitation.

David Franco, managing director, AS Brydens and his guest.


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