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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

100% tax increase = job losses

THE EDITOR: I have been working with the gaming industry for the past 14 years. When I started I was of the opinion that casinos were places where women were driven into sex and other ludicrous behaviour and I, now, believe that perception came from the way some of us carried ourselves.

I, like many other employees, worked hard in the industry to provided for our families and still have respect for ourselves. A lot of people watching from the outside and judging, they will say close them down and tax them 100 per cent but we have to be realistic here. Because of this, there will be a lot of job losses and crime will increase. There are also a lot of people who either left school without any passes or are even over qualified and can’t get a job anywhere or get a job to stay out of trouble.

I say regulate the industry increase if you have to but not by 100 per cent. Try something feasible. Put systems in place for all these fly-by-night casinos opening on every corner and keep things in check to ensure all regulations are being followed. Come up with a plan that both Government and the industry would be happy with.

The Government wants to invest in tourism, maybe, the gaming industry could be made to work hand in hand with the tourism industry. Find ways. Please don’t act upon personal feelings or religious beliefs.

I say no to 100 per cent increased tax.



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