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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Search for cremated Trini’s relatives

A team of British volunteers are on the hunt for the relatives of Trinidadian-born Lester Gibbons who died in London in 1991. Gibbons is believed to have worked as a nurse at a mental institution before his demise and migrated from T&T sometime in the 1970’s.

Researcher Mike Barry reached out to Newsday via email yesterday, saying he along with other members of his team, were tasked with locating Gibbons’ relatives but have thus far been unsuccessful in their search.

Barry explains that the Gibbons’ remains were discovered by a custodian at an auction room and storage unit in Northampton, London. Further research revealed that they were the ashes of Gibbons, which prompted a search for relatives.

He said that according to records, Gibbons’ cremation was organised by a relative, Charmaine Mariner, who identified herself as his niece. However attempts to locate Mariner proved unsuccessful.

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