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Monday 16 July 2018
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Peter Elias endorses Barry’s jacket

Padarath is fashion designer-approved!

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath. PHOTO BY SHANE SUPERVILLE

Fashion guru Peter Elias has keenly endorsed Princes Town MP Barry Padarath’s taste of a plaid jacket worn to the Budget debate last Monday, otherwise jeered by one Government MP as a “tablecloth”. On his Facebook page, Elias posted Newsday’s front-page photo of Padarath sporting his Zara 2017 Collection outfit, adding the remark, “You look great man.”

Elias said, “Generally well-dressed persons are also organized, hard-working and professional, ideals that are good examples. I take Fashion seriously here.”

Talking to Newsday, Elias praised Padarath’s look. “I liked it a lot! Plaids are trending internationally, even in boardrooms.

“Plaid has been in fashion for some time now, from the corporate boardroom to formal settings. It’s nothing new internationally but is exciting for us.”

Asked what mood Padarath conveyed in sporting his grey plaid jacket in combo with a solid blue pants, Elias replied, “I looked at it as fun! From a fashion perspective it's great to see fashionable ensembles.”

Newsday asked about Padarath’s outfit of pink shirt under dark blue suit worn yesterday in Parliamentand if men can make a fashion statement from pink?

Elias replied, “Missed his look today, will he make front-page? :) Pink and Dark Blue though classic are a major current trend-combo. Fashion is fun and many enjoy it, clearly Barry is able to fit this slice into his seemingly large pizza; with all of his responsibilities.”

Elias’s Facebook thread drew 56 comments on Padarath’s outfit, plus 15 shares of the Newsday front-page.

Most of the comments from Elias’s Facebook Friends Elias’ thread were overwhelmingly supportive of Padarath’s fashion sense. “Sharp!”, “Love it!” said two women.

A man remarked, “Love it , very refreshing , stylish and keeping with trends. Approved.”

One woman who had personally worked on such outfits said more plaids are coming, although warning that some local plaid fabric can end up looking like school skirts.

While a man thought the jacket inappropriate for Parliament, this same woman disagreed saying, “The colour is not loud, the jacket fits well.”

Someone said, ““I like this look! And it is work appropriate! Us women enjoy wearing fashion that is constantly evolving, why shouldn’t men?”

One woman loved Padarath’s combo of jacket and plain pants, saying, “Why would it not be appropriate. HE ROCKED THAT LOOK.”

Padarath’s outfit was described as a sports jacket by a woman who said, “I think he looks very smart and fashionable. Is there a dress code?”.

Yet another woman remarked, “He looks well-dressed and has a great sense of style. They (Government) laugh because they have no sense of style and no sense in governing.”

Businessman Gregory Aboud remarked, “It’s a smart formal look being used in corporate boardrooms and in formal settings world wide.” However Aboud was among several people who said fashion was not news, adding, “The bigger failing is the preoccupation with frivolous fashion issues instead of the fears and concerns of an anxious population.”

A minority chided Padarath’s fashion sense. A man said, “Messy! Like the idea, but execution was horrible.”

One woman opined, “The suit looked tacky on him. Untidy. ‘Unsuitable’, pardon the pun. Not everyone can pull some styles off.”

Several people chided the Government for mocking Padarath as wearing a tablecloth.

A woman hit, “What kind of preschool name-calling is this? The country is in crisis and all you media and parliamentarians finding time to laugh at a colleague's style choice?”

A man commented, “Supporting or contributing to cyber-bullying is not acceptable especially when you target someone who cares about people and trying to do some good in this country.”


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