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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Cybercrime on the rise fast in TT

THE EDITOR: Computer based crime is escalating at an alarming rate in Trinidad and Tobago and much more must be done in an attempt to defeat it. There has been a sharp increase in recent times of offences which include criminal activity against data, infringement of content and copyright, child pornography, fraud, unauthorised access and cyber-stalking. A wide range of attacks occur on a regular basis on individuals and organisations alike.

We are hearing of too many incidents in this country of computer networks being the targets of crime. The present government must make it their duty to drastically reduce social media abuse and protect our systems and data from criminals; things like strong authentication, encryption, and measures to identify and defeat malware. We must make cybercrime less appealing by increasing the risk of detection, apprehension, prosecution and punishment.

The Government must make it harder for criminals to profit from criminal activity and deepening the social disdain and moral sanction that such activity should elicit. Combining crime prevention with crime deterrence results in crime reduction. Cybercrime harms companies and organisations, their customers and members, and the economy and more must be done in Trinidad and Tobago to defeat it.

Chelsea Bedase-Wright, Chaguanas


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Letters to the Editor

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