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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Southern Love to aid hurricane victims

Jason ‘Fridge’ Seecharan
Jason ‘Fridge’ Seecharan

Southerners who have not yet donated to the recovery of Caribbean countries ravaged by recent storms and hurricanes will have an opportunity to do so later this month when Trivia Entertainment Ltd (TEL), in collaboration with a number of NGOs, host a celebration of thanksgiving at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Inspired by comedian Errol Fabien’s One Island, The Concert recently held in aid of our Caribbean neighbours devastated by Hurricane Irma and Maria, TEL’s director and soca artiste Tricia Hamilton has been propelled to bring southern artiste together for a show with a similar purpose.

Titled, Southern Love, the concert is planned for October 22. Gates will be opened from 10 am and the entrance fee is a can or cans of non-perishable items, household items, clothes, mattresses, building materials and other items to aid citizens in Dominica and Sint Maarten.

“Even if you bring a tin of sausage or a roll of toilet paper, we taking that. We want to fill up several containers to send off to these islands,” Hamilton said in an interview.

Following the presentation of the budget for the next year and some of the measures to attract revenue outlined, Hamilton said she knows people are saying things are hard and they cannot give.

“We are not asking you to make groceries. Just go in your cupboard and pull out something. Two pampers, two pads, whatever you have, bring. Come and support. People talk about there is no more love, but we need to be the change agents by showing love for our Caribbean brothers and sisters.”

She reasoned: “The shoe could have been on the other foot, it could have easily been us, so we want to give thanks. It’s a celebration, a thanksgiving, because while storms and hurricanes left death and destruction across the region, we in Trinidad and Tobago were spared. We have to give God thanks for sparing our country and our lives, our families, homes, property, social systems.” She said the idea was born while in a forum with Fabian during the launch of her parang offering for 2018. She recalled the conversation about his Republic Day concert and felt driven to initiate a similar drive, involving talented southerners. In collaboration with the mayors of both San Fernando and Point Fortin, she set the train in motion which has been garnering a lot of interest thus far.

“We want to make it into a family day, with something for everyone from the young ones to the not-so-young. So there will be sporting events, popcorn stands, bouncy castle, cartoon characters and clowns moving around, for the children. A number of gyms have expressed an interest in staging a burn-out competition and we are also asking people to walk with skipping ropes to have a skipping competition. We are also open to all and any bright ideas people may have to make this a success.”

To date, Hamilton said there has been a tremendous response from schools willing to showcase their talented students for the cause, via their cultural and drama groups.

“We will also have calypsonians like Ras Kommanda, Joanne Foster, soca artiste Makamillion, Kerry John, Fridge from H20 Flow, gospel singers, chutney/soca artiste, DJs and host of other entertainers who have committed to the concert,” said Hamilton who will also perform.

“Everybody’s just loving the idea. It’s not about gender, race, politics or religion. It is open to all,” she said.


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