PNM defends Shamfa after video post

Shamfa Cudjoe
Shamfa Cudjoe

Chairman of the Women’s League of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Camille Robinson Regis yesterday condemned those responsible for a video circulating on social media purporting to depict Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe engaging in pornographic acts.

“It is a dastardly act,” Robinson-Regis said, adding that the woman in the video, “doesn’t look a thing like the minister because the woman’s face is showing, Whoever did that is disgusting and it is something that has to be condemned in the strongest possible manner.”

Asked why the Women’s League had not spoken out in condemnation of the video before, Robinson-Regis said: “The Tobago Women’s League has said something and the national Women’s League is now going to say something also. We haven’t said anything before because I have been involved in the budget.”

She added that the circulation of the video had been reported to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police Service on the day it first appeared and the league was hoping that the unit would take action. Cudjoe could not be reached by phone yesterday.


"PNM defends Shamfa after video post"

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