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Friday 21 June 2019
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Islamic Front backs Griffith

Umar Abdullah, of the Islamic Front. FILE PHOTO
Umar Abdullah, of the Islamic Front. FILE PHOTO

Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah has endorsed the application of former Minister of National Security Gary Griffith to be the next Commissioner of Police.

Abdullah said Griffith had distinguished himself as an officer in the TT Defence Force and in addition to his experience, he also brought technical knowledge that would make him an excellent candidate for the position.

"We recognized his enormous ability having attained the rank of Captain after just six years of the 15 years he served in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. This by all accounts was an unprecedented achievement. Another consideration was the fact that Gary Griffith was the first military officer from this country to return home with a United Nations Peacekeeping Medal," Abdullah said in a press release yesterday.

Abdullah also praised Griffith for his role in various community security initiatives saying he distinguished himself as a leader by staying close to the ground and remaining open to discussion and criticism. Abdullah expressed optimism that Griffith would be able to restore law and order to the country.

"After having numerous meetings and conversations with Gary Griffith as Minister of National Security, he has showed his willingness to listen and take advice. He has exemplified his worth to the task of solving our crime situation by working closely with all stakeholders. There is no doubt in our mind that had he been given the opportunity to continue as Minister of National Security, we would not see the corruption and heavy loss of human life as we are witnessing today."

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