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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Tobago the ‘spoil child’ in budget

Tobago the ‘spoil child’ in budget

THE EDITOR: What about the maxi-taxi people not increasing fares? What about the Supermarkets Association not raising food prices? What about everybody just shutting up and paying the increased fuel prices as their contribution to spreading the guava juice? Ten per cent tax on the lottery or not, I still want to win.

Importantly, Tobago was the “mama spoil child” for the 2017-2018 budget. The sea bridge still needs sorting out but at least the hoteliers can go to the banks and pose. Some people will say that is because the Prime Minister is from Tobago but the Tobago people are not stupid. They and the PM are now close friends.

Perhaps the only sour face will come from Watson Duke, but then, what is new with Duke on any given day? The Sandals project must have everybody reading from the same page in the same hymn book or crapaud smoke Tobago pipe. Extremely good letters by Mikey Joseph and John Bell extolling the value of Sandals cannot fall on deaf ears. I looked and listened to Imbert’s every single word. The Opposition is never happy when the public is reminded of wanton wastage and fake governance during 2010-2015. Let us hope that on Friday it has a response that details how it can do better at raising revenue.

Why is it already using the word bankruptcy? A few words to government-paid employees: life is what you make it.



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