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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Opportunity for tourism

THE EDITOR: It is heartening to see the overwhelming response by both the public and private sectors to the devastation suffered by our Caribbean family from the recent hurricanes. Hopefully, this spirit of giving and caring will continue even after they are back on their feet.

Now, while we assist our Caricom brothers and sisters in the rebuilding process we must also be aware of the opportunities these disasters have created.

Specifically, some of the islands whose infrastructure and hotel room stock suffered near total destruction will take maybe over a year to be ready to receive visitors from the North again. Meanwhile our beautiful sister isle of Tobago, which is safely outside of the hurricane belt, is enjoying abysmal occupancy rates of below 20 per cent.

Surely, given this reality, we should be launching strong promotional programmes to get more visitors to come to both Tobago and Trinidad. In this regard, can we hear the plans of the Tourism Minister?



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