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Monday 16 July 2018
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Laws need to protect motorcyclists

Arrive Alive president Sharon Inglefield is calling for more stringent laws to protect motorcyclists, to go along with the new announcement of exemptions of duties to motorcycles with a 300 cc engine or lower.

Inglefield said while the exemptions are more than welcome, it may not immediately translate to more motorcycles on the roads, since there have been several road fatalities which involved motorcyclists.

“Our Motor Vehicle Road Traffic Act & our Regulations need to include more serious penalties to protect these vulnerable road users to include fines, as well as penalty points. We also need to include better protective wear like bright, iridescent & florescent clothing, gloves, boots etc in our Law to protect our motorcyclists.”

Over the past two years, 11 motorcyclists lost their lives. The last accident claimed the life of Neil Roberts of Moriah, Tobago. He was killed while riding his motorcycle along the Claude Noel Highway in Tobago on July 4.

According to reports, Roberts was on the highway at about 2 pm, when the driver of a white Nissan Tiida from Scarborough tried to turn right on to the Signal Hill main road. Roberts used the shoulder and tried to overtake, but crashed into the Tiida and later died.

With concern for new motorcyclists Inglefield suggested that all motorcyclists take a defensive driving class, and remember that while on the road, they are to ride in line, behind other vehicles and maintain the speed limit for their protection. “They should remember at all times that they are vulnerable without added protection.”


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