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Monday 16 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Build houses instead

THE EDITOR: This is a simple suggestion which I hope Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley would take into consideration.

Instead of bringing the Dominicans here at heavy cost, why not send soldiers to help rehabilitate the homes ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Rowley must not follow in the footsteps of Dr Eric Williams and give away our oil-boom money to Caricom countries, which they did not pay back. He must consider that when these Dominicans come here they would need medical support, school places, jobs and even money to live.

Rowley must remember Dominica did not support BWIA as the Caribbean carrier and opted to have its own airline, Air Dominica, which crashed not too long after take-off.

Hospitals here do not have medical supplies for simple medical requirements. Roads in many areas are in a deplorable condition. These and other areas is where the Prime Minister’s focus must be.

I do not support bringing in Dominicans, or for that matter people from any other island. But I do support providing support in terms of infrastructure and human resources.

I urge the Prime Minister to reconsider his invitation to Dominicans. TT has always assisted Caricom members in times of peril, yet these same countries ignore us. He must think again before he regrets it.



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