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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Play Whe tax vexes players

The 2018 budget read yesterday in Parliament left several people crying about money woes, after it was announced that there would be cuts in gas subsidies and heavy taxation on industries like the gambling and gaming industries.

However, one of the measures made in relation to taxation of the gambling industry has left Play Whe players up in arms.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert proposed a ten per cent tax on all winnings paid out by the National Lotteries Control Board. Play Whe gamblers spoke out against the measure saying it would be too much to tax the popular game.

“I don’t mind the Lotto being taxed, or even the Pick Four, but the Play Whe is small money that the people winning (sic). Taxing that would not make sense,” said one man from Chaguanas.

“NLCB is making a lot of money, and that money was supposed to help support sports players,” said a man from Arapita Road, St Ann’s.

“If they want to tax, let them tax NLCB, not the poor people looking for an extra dollar.”

NLCB will not be spared from the tax man.

Imbert announced that NLCB Lotto and Play Whe machines, along with privately-owned roulette tables and slot machines, will be heavily taxed.

In some cases, taxes were even doubled.

Play Whe players, however, said they still intend to play the game.

“It doesn’t matter whether they tax the winnings or not, they still robbing people with this game,” one gambler from Cocorite said.



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