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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Pantin a man of God and people

Pantin a

THE EDITOR: Clive Pantin was an extremely good man. His passing is a loss to Woodbrook, St Theresa’s parish, Port of Spain, the TT of old, and more so to thousands of boys who grew into men while passing through Fatima College during his tenure there as principal.

At least two of his brothers were priests: Gerry, serving the poor via Servol and Anthony, archbishop of Port of Spain.

Pantin did not allow their good work to daunt him from doing his own noble work, but instead forged ahead in blazing his own trail of goodness and good works — serving Almighty God via service to people. Particularly in the education of the young and impressionable, and also in the noble endeavour of cultivating God consciousness.

Pantin also married and brought up an upright family. That in itself is a most positive contribution to our now broken society.

Pantin was also a regular attendee at St Theresa’s RC Church. Again, a most noteworthy example in a society that has forgotten that we are all in need of God and His help.

Pantin did not wait until he was an old man to attend church.

Too often we hear that the churches are full of women and old men. Before he was an old man, Pantin was a young man worshipping God in a house of God.

Will we, Christian and otherwise, not take example?

May God receive him back home with kindness, gentleness and, most of all, full acceptance of him and his life’s work.



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