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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Ocean Flower II dry docked

Ocean Flower II

The Ocean Flower II, which sailed in 12 days ago, is now in dry dock at Caridock in Chaguaramas and a team of engineers have been installing what is know as T-dash foils, which is a stabiliser to ensure passage between the sea bridge especially in the area of the Bocas does not affect passengers.

When Bridgeman Services were previously awarded the contract to provide the passenger ferry Ocean Flower II to service the sea bridge one of the request made to Bridgeman Services was that the T-foils be installed on the Ocean Flower II. If this stabiliser is not installed, then the passengers on that vessel will experience an uneasiness because of the rough waters which surround the bocas.

Yesterday, sources speculated the fact that the T-foils are being installed on the vessel means that Bridgeman, which was one of the companies which bid for the opportunity to service the sea bridge on September 20, is hoping they win the bid and the vessel is ready and prepared to service the sea bridge.

An evaluation committee to peruse the bids is yet to be set up and two persons from Tobago who are expected to be chosen to represent the Island on the evaluation committee are yet to be found and arrangement finalised.


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