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Monday 16 July 2018
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Mon Repos man shot dead

Mon Repos resident Richard Chinapoo, 35, died yesterday in hospital, hours after a gunman ambushed and shot him as he (Chinapoo) was walking to the home of a female friend.

Police said that at about 11 pm on Sunday, Chinapoo was walking along Corinth Hills near the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) settlement, when he was shot by a man who jumped out of nearby bushes. Chinapoo was shot in the chest. Residents later reported seeing a man jump into a car which sped off.

Chinapoo was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and died at 4.30 am yesterday.

Ste Madeleine and Homicide Investigations Bureau (Region III) investigators visited the scene. Chinapoo lived with his mother in Mon Repos, police said. No arrest has been made.

The murder toll stands at 371.


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