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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Police Supt’s son with gun and ammo

The 26-year-old son of a senior superintendent was held on Friday in company with a 36-year-old man and charged with possession of a fireman and ammunition.

The suspect’s father is reportedly in charge of the armoury at the St James Barracks. According to reports, at around 12.30 pm on Friday, the suspect, along with the 36-year-old man of Laventille, were in a silver and grey Mercedes Benz along Foster Road, Sangre Grande.

Officers of the Sangre Grande CID, led by Inspector Ken Lutchman including Cpl Randolph Castillo and Constable Singh and others, intercepted the vehicle during an exercise in the district and carried out a search.

Officers found between the driver and front passenger seat, a Ruger pistol and a magazine containing ten rounds of ammunition.

The two suspects were taken to the Sangre Grande Police Station and were charged with the two offences late Friday.

The gun seized was sent to the Forensic Science Centre for ballistic testing, to ascertain if it was used in any recent criminal activity. Police are also trying to find out if the gun may have come from the Police Service.

The senior superintendent was supposed to retire from the Police Service two months ago but is still on the job.

Senior police officers are calling on acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, who returns today from a one month vacation, to explain why the senior superintendent is still on the job.

The two accused held with the gun and ammo will appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate today.


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