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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Degree wait from UWI

THE EDITOR: I recently completed my undergraduate degree at UWI, St Augustine, after four years. I took my final course in the “summer” semester and I verified with my faculty that I am on the pass list for the class of 2017.

However, I am still unable to apply to attend the convocation ceremony because the university has not yet “awarded” my degree, which basically lists the degree as awarded on the student transcript. Every time I go into the university I keep getting the same runaround that my status would change soon.

My faculty holds its graduation ceremony on October 28 and the university would commence gown rentals during the first week of October. The catch here is that until the transcript lists my degree as “awarded” I cannot rent a graduation gown.

I am afraid that by the time my status changes on my transcript the deadline for applying to attend the graduation ceremony and for gown rental would have elapsed, causing me to miss out on this special day. This incompetence on the part of UWI is unbecoming of an institution that regards itself as the premier tertiary option for students.

SHIVA MARAJ, Princes Town


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