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Monday 9 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Political barrier to excellence

THE EDITOR: Without honest and dedicated personal help from our politicians, ordinary citizens striving for excellence are just wasting their time.

Politicians here tend to maintain an attitude of double standards and make promises that they are unable to keep.

It was not long ago that the Prime Minister promised to restore the death penalty, but so far nothing has happened. Then there was the promise to deal with our brigade of potential terrorists, and again nothing has happened.

We also had promises of a recovery of our economy. Now that things are changing at a rapid pace, more citizens are going to lose their jobs and poverty is going to escalate.

It simply amounts to either bad political management or the ability of our politicians to deal with problems in a pragmatic manner, thus avoiding unnecessary backlash.

Take for instances dealing with our terrorist movement here. In any democratic nation, such a movement would never be allowed to continue or grow as it has here. Those involved in this illegal activity would be arrested and dealt with in a fair but severe manner by the justice system.

Here all we have is lip service by politicians to deal with this matter which is never followed up.

The long and short of it all is that our decent and honest citizens cannot strive for excellence without earnest assistance from those in the corridors of power. Politicians here must first assess and consult others before they make promises that they cannot fulfill.

GA MARQUES via e-mail

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