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Saturday 7 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Play more local, please

Play more

THE EDITOR: As a Trini to the bone marrow, when the word patriotism comes up, citizens of these three countries easily come to mind: the US, England and Jamaica. Jamaicans don’t make joke with things Jamaican when it comes to sporting and cultural heroes.

Here in TT we talk patriotism and continue to be on a “kicks scene.”

The majority of radio deejays always “buss up they mouth” about loving the red, white and black, but do they?

National Patriotism Month has ended and I am still waiting to hear our national songs — God Bless Our Nation, Boca Chimes, Nation’s Dawning, Your Land, My Land, Heroes and others.

Calypso History Month is here, so will these fellas give local a play? In other words, will they play more local, as Mr Famous would say? We have calypsoes like lentil peas from the great poets (bards), but year after year these deejays fail to understand that charity begins at home, and on the airwaves.


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