Revenge killing in Enterprise

Two days after one of their main “shooters” was shot in the foot in Bhagaloo Trace, Enterprise, members of the Unruly ISIS gang retaliated and shot dead Andre Nicholas, 32, a short distance from his Enterprise Street home on Thursday night.

Nicholas, believed to be a member of the rival Rasta City gang was gunned down while riding his bicycle. According to a police report, at 11 pm on Thursday, near African grounds, occupants in a black vehicle opened fire on the unemployed man before speeding off.

A report said Nicholas who was known to police, survived a shooting incident some time ago which left him walking with a limp.

He suffered an injury to his leg during a robbery at a store at Monroe Road, Cunupia.

“On Tuesday, Unruly members went to Bhagaloo Trace with the intention of shooting someone, but word spread and gunmen were waiting for them. They (Unruly) were greeted with gunfire and one of their main shooters was shot in his foot. The man shin bone mash up, so they had to lift him up and run out of Bhagaloo,” said a resident who refused to give his name.

“Andre is...well was Rasta so they killed him. I tell you the killing will never stop in here.” In a Facebook post, a resident remarked: “We grow together, some closer than some. How easy for allyuh to shoot a man down. Unrulies killing cripples now”, in a reference to Nicholas and his limp.


"Revenge killing in Enterprise"

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