Let’s help Dominica rebuild instead

THE EDITOR: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s call for the people to open their doors to Dominicans after the devastation by Hurricane Maria is an effort to offer assistance. However, why open borders and wave restrictions?

Through social media one can see the wreckage in Dominica. Buildings large and small have been damaged beyond repair and homes have been destroyed. Lives have been lost and Dominicans are experiencing severe hardship. However, they are known to be educated and resourceful people. But they need help.

TT’s offer of housing Dominicans for a short period of time seemed like a great idea, but it was not properly thought out. If Dominicans are split from their families to take up residence in TT for six months, who is going to rebuild that country? How are the businesses and homes going to be restored?

If they do come to TT, in whose homes will they stay? What schools will their children attend? Where will they find jobs to make ends meet? Citizens can barely manage to make ends meet in their own homes, what with the rising loss of jobs. Can they facilitate another person or people in their homes?

Efforts should instead be concentrated on the restoration and construction of houses and other facilities such as academic institutions and health facilities, not on the evacuation of Dominican people.

TT can help by providing manpower. Tradesmen and other professionals can be sent to Dominica to help in the rebuilding effort. This is the best assistance our country can provide.

Once Dominica is successful in this rebuilding, it will be talked about for many years. Its nationals will continue to be hardworking individuals who experienced the worst but with time, effort and help from other countries managed to pick up the pieces of their lives and start over.



"Let’s help Dominica rebuild instead"

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