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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Thief jailed for year

A man who claimed that strangers transported him to a workshop in Penal where he and another person stole over $35,000 worth of tools was on Wednesday sentenced to 12 months hard labour in jail.

Magistrate Margaret Alert, who presides over the Siparia First Court, passed sentence on Alvin Sookram, 24, of Penal who pleaded guilty to larceny of the tools which included brush cutters, saws and pressure washers. In 2016, Sookram was convicted of sacrilege after breaking into a church.

Prosecutor Sgt Starr Jacob, in relating the facts, said that at about 3 pm on May 9, Juman Hosein secured tools in his workshop located at Loon Avenue off Sunrees Road in Penal and went away. The following day, at about 7 am, on returning to his workshop, Hosein discovered the items missing and made a report to the Penal Police Station.

On June 20, WPC Charles met Sookram at the station where he admitted to stealing the items. The following day, police searched his house where they recovered some of the stolen items. WPC Charles charged him with larceny.

When the magistrate asked Hosein to explain the reason for his action, he said that strangers took him to the location. Saying she did not believe his answer, Magistrate Alert repeated the question and Hosein replied that he was drunk at the time. Sookram represented himself and when the magistrate asked if he had anything to say for his actions he responded in the negative.

Looking at documents before her, Magistrate Alert said the records show he has four previous convictions for sacrilege, obscene language, resisting arrest and possession of cocaine.

Alert sentenced him to 12 months in prison with hard labour. A co-accused, Ferose Mohammed of Quarry Road, Siparia pleaded not guilty and was granted bail. Mohammed was ordered to reappear in court on February 28.


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