Jaipur’s fashion for a cause

Model showcasing the House of Jaipur.
Model showcasing the House of Jaipur.

When Dhisha Moorjani first started the House of Jaipur she had no idea that fashion would become a part of what she offered. Even more so, that it would be used in a charitable way. But that is exactly how life has unfolded.

Moorjani along with the other members of The Children’s Ark, will host Bollywood Dreams and cocktails tomorrow at the Residence restaurant and bar, One Woodbrook Place, Port of Spain.

A model shows an ethnic-inspired design.

The event will blend the House of Jaipur’s ethnic-inspired fashion with the riveting sounds of Bollywood. The profits from the event would go to constructing a new surgical suite and ward for the Princess Elizabeth Home for handicapped children.

“This time we wanted to do something different. Raise the bar again and we decided to do something more upbeat, attract a different target market as well. We want to get the youth involved in certain projects we are doing. We did shows before and it has always been more of a formal event…where people would sit and it is more of a cocktail type event….we got involved with the management of The Resident and they were very kind to come on board with this project as well…on that basis it is more of a club atmosphere…Brian MacFarlane is on board with us and he is going to transform it… it is more of a vibrant, dancing event,” Moorjani said.

Patrons are expected to get an eye-full of about 65 pieces, showing different colour waves and different fabrics such as silks.

Moorjani is using the skill and experience she has gained to aid in raising funds for the ark’s project. Initially, when she started the House of Jaipur 16 years ago, fashion was not something on her mind. The business was dedicated to house décor but she soon found that there was a market for fashion and branched off into it.

A creation from House of Jaipur for Bollywood Dreams and Cocktails.

Moorjani is in and out of Trinidad as she has a business in Barbados. With that business reaching an international clientele, she hopes to carry her brand of ethnic-inspired wear to the world.

“It is a work in progress. Now that I am in Barbados we attract more of an international clientele… Someone has even approached me about opening a branch in Toronto and even Ireland.”

“I think this whole Indian-inspired theme is gaining traction globally and it is just for us to work toward it,” Moorjani said.


"Jaipur’s fashion for a cause"

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