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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Dan the man is back in town

A scene from Dan the Travelling Man.
A scene from Dan the Travelling Man.

The Baggasse Company’s original comedy, Dan the Travelling Man returns for two nights at the Central Bank Auditorium tomorrow and Sunday.

Dan seems to be a man who doesn’t know how to hold his hand when it comes to women. It turns out that Daniel Du Boliel has different wives in several different Caribbean countries. The comedy ensues when, due to a series of unfortunate events (or so it seems) several of Dan’s wives converge on Piarco International Airport at the same time he is catching a flight to go on a “business trip”.

Aided by his versatile and cunning sidekick, Perry, he manages to get out of some really tight spots until wives collide and everything turns ole mas. Dan ends up getting what he deserves, but not before some hilarious encounters and master deception, mainly engineered by Perry.

Featuring Philo (Philomena Alexis Baptiste – your friendly cleaning lady) who is the storyteller of the whole hilarious tale, Dan the Travelling Man stars Aaron Schneider as Dan and Andrew “Fries” Friday as his sidekick Perry.

The performance on Saturday is a fund-raiser for the Old Hilarians Association for their alma mater, Bishop Anstey High School.

Baggasse is also offering a $50 discount on tickets to TTARP members for the Sunday performance.

For more info;bookings: 351-6293 www.facebook.com/thebaggassecompany.


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