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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Cop sues over fall

A policeman has sued the State for damages for injuries he suffered when an electrical cable from a police vehicle became entangled around his left leg which caused him to fall.

Judson Mohammed, 37, filed the lawsuit in the High Court, in which he stated that on May 2, 2013, at about 8 pm, he was on mobile patrol in a marked police vehicle.

He was the driver and was accompanied by two other police officers. In his claim filed by attorney Saira Lakhan, Mohammed stated that when on reaching Lengua Village, just off Princes Town, he attempted to exit the vehicle.

However, the piece of cable was hanging from underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side, but he was unaware of it. The claim went on to state that Mohammed continued walking away from the vehicle with the cable still entangled around his leg. He suddenly tripped on it and fell.

Mohammed is contending that earlier, he had not seen the cable hanging from beneath the dashboard. As a result of the fall, he suffered a rapture of the posterior cruciate ligament on the right knee. He underwent surgery.

Mohammed is seeking damages on the ground that the police service failed to secure in a fixed position, the electrical cable under the dashboard.

In fact, he is contending that if the police vehicle had been checked often, the incident would not have occurred.


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