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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Arima woman escapes abduction

A 25-year-old Barataria man posing as a "PH" driver is expected to be charged with the attempted abduction of a 19-year-old Arima woman as well as larceny of her handbag and other offences.

The suspect was detained shortly after the driver and an accomplice attempted to abduct the woman at Cleaverwoods, Arima on Wednesday.

Reports revealed that at about 11.30 am the teenager boarded a car and asked to be taken to Curepe.

While seated in the car, the driver announced a hold-up and drove the vehicle towards Arima.

On reaching Circular Road, Arima the frightened woman managed to jump out of the vehicle and alerted passers-by who contacted the Arima police.

Officers of the Crime Patrol Unit and the Northern Division Task Force all responded and the car with one of the accomplices was intercepted a short while later.

Police found the victim’s handbag which contained cash and other valuables amounting to over $5,000.

The suspect was detained and yesterday he was pointed oit in an identification parade by the victim.

Police sources reveal another suspect is expected to be detained shortly.

Investigations are continuing.


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