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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

PM shows his caring side

THE EDITOR: Dr Keith Rowley has shown that a compassionate persona lies beneath a rough exterior. The Prime Minister has indeed made members of the national community proud by his selfless act of immense magnitude in his humanitarian approach to the people of Dominica.

Rowley has rightly ignored his critics who say his offer to Dominicans to come to TT is empty and only made to deflect from conversations of “oilgate” and “ferrygate.” His caring knows no bounds as he was able open the pots and homes of Trinidad to Caribbean neighbours even as he knew that thousands of nationals do not know from where their next meal is coming from.

Rowley was able to blank from his thoughts that rampant local crime may put Dominicans in danger of being mugged or murdered. He has the confidence that Education Minister Anthony Garcia will find school places for the visitors, notwithstanding that Fatima is overcrowded and other schools cannot be repaired in time.

Rowley knew that even those who suffered the effects of recent bad weather because they lived in lagoons were still willing to share their tarpaulins and sponge mattresses with their Caribbean neighbours

Rowley has enduring faith that members of his Government and party will make their homes readily available and Minister in the Ministry of the Prime Minister Stuart Young will communicate this message as a command from the esteemed leader. His Government and party will show that action speaks louder than words and he will take the opportunity to show up DOMA and MSJ’s David Abdulah as blowhards. It must certainly pained Rowley that he could not accommodate any Dominicans in his home of Tobago, as the island continues to suffer more than if a category five hurricane had hit it.

Keith Rowley is the man of the moment.



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