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Monday 9 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

How Dominicans can be housed

THE EDITOR: With the recent hurricane devastation in the smaller islands, we cannot only depend on larger countries to take on the responsibility of providing shelter to our neighbours.

Over the years, the smaller countries have had the freedom to look on as the big countries such as the US and Germany absorbed thousands of refugees. Now, the onus is on TT, St Lucia, Barbados, Jamaica, and other unaffected Caribbean community members to devise vetting policies and delineate quotas to absorb the displaced into their respective countries.

One suggestion that should alleviate the financial burden on the country is for a portion of the humanitarian aid designated for Dominica and Tortola to be given to the host countries to assist with temporary rentals until people are ready to return. Alternatively, citizens who host families can receive a small sum for rental of space in their homes. It is a dire situation where people have to leave.

Surely, international donors understand that support is not just about rebuilding Dominica, but also about the crucial transition period.

D SANTOS, via email

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